Solidarity AccorHotels supports and develops socially-responsible actions initiated by the Group’s employees.

To carry out this mission, the endowment fund works with three decision-making bodies: the Board of Directors, the Selection Commitee and the permanent team. 

  • The Board of Directors

Chaired by Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO of AccorHotels, the Board of Directors defines the endowment fund’s orientations, votes on projects over or equal to €20,000 and oversees their operational implementation.

The Board is composed of 6 representatives of AccorHotels :


and 3 external qualified personalities : 


  • The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee votes on projects below €20,000 and oversees their operational implementation.

  • The permanent team

The Board of Directors and the Selection Committee rely on the work of a permanent team.

The permanent team promotes, inventories and backs solidarity actions undertaken by employees from around the world. It pools good practices and supports each initiative using the appropriate tools for its development.

The permanent team works closely with local correspondents. These are AccorHotels employees belonging to the area addressed by the project or have worked in it for many years, and they help relay information and advice between Solidarity AccorHotels and local employees and regularly take part in project expert assessments.


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