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Field of intervention
Vocational training
Supported organization
Country and localization
Mexico, Suburbs of Mexico
Supported people
More than 2 500 families from underprivileged communities
Project helped in
Amount of the support
129,000 euros

Support communities moving towards autonomy through training programs

The NGO Techo operates in 21 Latin American countries including Mexico. Established in 1995, the NGO aims to improve living conditions for marginalized groups through access to education, health and microcredit.

Since 2008, AccorHotels staff in Mexico have been taking part in several projects led by Techo for communities in difficulty in the Mexico suburbs: building of long-term housing in disadvantaged areas and implementation of social and professional rehabilitation programmes for the communities (business creation, professional training for young adults or access to small loans).

Solidarity AccorHotels supports these different programs which enable more than 2 500 families to become autonomous.

In 2015, Solidarity AccorHotels and AccorHotels teams in Mexico took part in the implementation of professional support programmes for ten communities in the country.



The project holder
Jean-Philippe Claret
Senior Vice-President of Operations, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean

Building a house for someone is an unforgettable experience because the life of the beneficiary is forever changed. The two days spent with the families during the construction of the community center went beyond the practical impact and symbolic significance; they were rich and extremely rewarding.