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Association Voûte Nubienne

Field of intervention
Vocational training
Supported organization
Association Voûte Nubienne
Country and localization
Senegal, Thiès
Supported people
650 people, including 32 socially vulnerable craftsmen
Project helped in
2013 - 2014 - 2015
Amount of the support
34,500 euros

Training for socially vulnerable people in the traditional house building technique known as the “Voûte Nubienne”.

The Association Voûte Nubienne (AVN) was set up in 2000 to enable as many people of the Sahel as possible to acquire affordable, sustainable and decent housing. To achieve this aim, it uses the “Voûte Nubienne” technique that originated in ancient Egypt, which has been adapted by AVN to enable its widespread adoption in sub-Saharan Africa. This construction technique uses 100% earth bricks – no wood and no metal – to create substantial, comfortable buildings that are perfectly suited to the climate and local economy, and meet the expectations and demands of local people.

In 2013, AVN deploys the “Voûte Nubienne” concept in and around the city of Thiès in Senegal addresses three major issues: poverty, the lack of decent housing and the problems with training and employability.

The Accor Foundation supports the organization Voûte Nubienne in its deployment in Senegal, allowing 20 socially vulnerable craftsmen to be trained in the technique of the “Voûte Nubienne”, as well as providing decent housing solutions for 300 people.

Solidarity Accor has renewed its commitment in 2015 towards the association by supporting the training of 12 young people on specialist building professions and implementing a new training programme.

* In 2013, the Accor Foundation became Solidarity Accor.

The project holder
Souleymane Khol
Marketing Sales & Distribution Director, AccorHotels Africa

I’ve always wanted to become involved with, and support, development projects that help to improve wellbeing and quality of life for others.