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Resto Troc

Field of intervention
Vocational training
Supported organization
Resto Troc
Country and localization
France, Angers
Supported people
15 vulnerable persons
Project helped in
Amount of the support
12 000 euros

Professional integration of 15 people in difficulty through catering training

Resto Troc, a French association created in 1985, is a solidary restaurant that has developed its activity around a virtuous circle of solidarity. Resto Troc offers a professional training in the cooking/catering field for 15 people in great difficulty, allowing a network of more than 400 members (vulnerable and / or isolated) to have access to balanced meals at reduced price.

Chantal Hallier, Director of the Mercure Angers Centre, is committed to creating bridges between the activity of her institution and the local territory.

It is in this spirit that Stéphanie Guevel, Maitre D, is currently involved in Resto Troc, and inspires colleagues to join her support this positive and fulfilling project.

Resto Troc has diversified its activities in recent years, mainly by developing a catering activity, with the aim of generating regular revenues to ensure the sustainability of its activities. In this context, and in order to support this development, Solidarity AccorHotels helps financing of a walk-in fridge to secure the storage of fresh produce.

The project holder
Stéphanie Guevel
"Maitre D" Mercure Angers Centre