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Mission Locale de Limoges

Field of intervention
Vocational training
Supported organization
Mission Locale de Limoges
Country and localization
France, Limoges
Supported people
more than 200 young people in difficulty
Project helped in
Amount of the support
39,000 euros

Mentoring of young job people in difficulty and support of the « p@rés à l’emploi » workshop.

Missions Locales are local government branches with a mandate to help 16- to 25-year-old job seekers. The “Mission Locale de Limoges” established a specific program for young people in difficulty.

Since several years, the Mission Locale de Limoges has offered young people in difficulty mentoring programs focused on coaching by pro-bono legal, marketing, communication and other professionals to help job-seekers in difficulty to find and keep jobs. In 2011, the Mission Locale also established a new workshop: “P@arés pour l’emploi”. This workshop show job-seekers how to use the Internet to boost their chances of finding work, and how to highlight their skills and experience more efficiently during job interviews with role-plays.

The Accor Foundation* supported these both programs from 2009 to 2012 and enabled more than 200 young people to benefit a specific support to find a job.

* In 2013, the Accor Foundation became Solidarity Accor.

The project holder
Daniel Cunin
General Novotel Limoges Le Lac

« I have been working on this project since 2006, i.e. before it was formalized and presented to the Foundation, by involving my department heads, and offering and leading hotel tours, then mentoring a youth. »