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Entreprendre pour Apprendre

Field of intervention
Vocational training
Supported organization
Entreprendre pour Apprendre
Country and localization
France, Ile-de-France
Supported people
more than 500 young people who have dropped out of school
Project helped in
Amount of the support
20,000 euros

“Mini-entreprise”: fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship among disadvantaged young people         

Entreprendre Pour Apprendre (France) [“Entrepreneurship as a way of Learning”] is part of the global “Junior Achievement” network, which aims to allow young people –mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds, or students or people seeking to rejoin society– to develop a sense of initiative and responsibility, to learn about project management and economic life, and to acquire a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Since 2004, the association has been developing “mini-enterprise” programmes at colleges (starting with quatrième year students [aged 13/14]) lycées, post-baccalauréat establishments and organisations promoting integration, to introduce young people to the business world, in very practical ways. EPA works mainly with disadvantaged groups (from establishments located in ZUS, ZEP, etc.). The “mini-entreprise” is a real-life company created by a group of 10 to 20 young people during the course of a school year, and is supported by a permanent member of the association, a volunteer mentor from the business world and by teachers or specialist education teams.

In 2012, the Accor Foundation* supported the creation of several “mini-entreprises” including the mini-entreprise mentored by Diane Rémond, Customer Relationships Director, AccorHotels.

* In 2013, the Accor Foundation became Solidarity Accor.

The project holder
Diane Rémond
Customer Relationships Director, AccorHotels

I am a mini-enterprise godmother in a 4th year class of a Chennevières secondary school (Val de Marne). These young people will soon be leaving school without any luggage. With teachers, we're trying to give them responsibilities in a mini-enterprise, so that they see the point in elementary learning/ training (how to speak, calculate, speak English etc).