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IA3 (Instituto de Acolhimento e Apoio ao Adolescente)

Field of intervention
Economical development
Supported organization
Country and localization
Brazil, Pindamonhangaba
Supported people
20 women in difficulty
Project helped in
Amount of the support
20,000 euros
“Vem Ser”: Support for two-year training programme for 60 women on different trades

IA3 (Instituto de Acolhimento e Apoio ao Adolescente), a Brazilian NGO formed in 2008, specializes in providing help to people lacking job security. The NGO developed five programmes (theatre, business creation, music, environmental protection, professional career) which meets a unique challenge: enabling the beneficiaries of the charity to integrate into society.

In 2014, AccorHotels teams in Taubaté contacted IA3 and the Vem Ser programme appealed to them: training workshop on different trades (broidery, dressmaking, patchwork, papier-mâché, patronage).

In 2015, Solidarity AccorHotels supported this programme by contributing to fitting out the workshop and participating in the training provided.

The project holder
Maria Pilar
General Manager ibis Taubaté

Develop social work it is respect for others, respect the city, and a nation that has so many social differences. We all need a beacon in life and the project “Vem Ser” is the lighthouse of many mothers who are the lighthouse of their children, who are the future.