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FXB International

Field of intervention
Economical development
Supported organization
FXB International
Country and localization
Burma, Yangon
Supported people
210 socially vulnerable young women
Project helped in
2014 - 2016
Amount of the support
50,000 euros

Training Program for 80 young women from the slums of Yangon.

FXB International is a charity founded in 1989 with the goal of helping communities move out of extreme poverty by helping them to acquire economic and social autonomy.  In Burma, the charity supports young girls and women by providing them with a basic education, vocational training and developing income-generating activities.

In 2014, Solidarity AccorHotels supported the development of a new training program put in place by FXB in the suburbs of Yangon. The course targets 80 girls aged 15 to 24 who have dropped out of school and are often orphaned or experience extremely difficult family situations. They are taught loom weaving, clothes-making and interior decoration and their products will be marketed in a showroom in Yangon.

In 2016, Solidarity AccorHotels and the teams of the Novotel Yangon Max renewed their support in favour of a further 130 young women.

The project holder
Philippe Battlé
Area General Manager, Myanmar and General Manager, Novotel Yangon Max

It's an effective project that empowers women while taking into account social and cultural realities of the country. There are very few recognised NGOs in Myanmar that are dedicated to training women to work, which is why a collaboration with FXB International was the obvious choice.