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Field of intervention
Vocational training
Supported organization
Country and localization
Chad, 4 disadvantaged neighbourhoods in N’Djamena
Supported people
350 socially vulnerable young people aged 18 to 25
Project helped in
2014 - 2015 - 2016
Amount of the support
42,500 euros

"Goum Fauk": a training and insertion programme for underprivileged youth.

ESSOR is a French charity created in 1992 with a view to helping the most disadvantaged populations acquire the means to improve their living conditions. ESSOR has actions in several countries: Chad, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and Brazil.

The association developed in Chad the "Goum Fauk" programme, which supports socially vulnerable young people towards insertion in the job market. Since 2013, 250 youngsters have access to training in their field of choice (hospitality and catering, sewing, electricity, construction) and are monitored once they receive their diploma through several channels that have been set up: job-search techniques workshops, creation of a network of partner businesses, etc.  

In 2016, Solidarity AccorHotels has renewed its commitment in favour of this training programme, allowing 100 new youngsters to receive career support aimed at achieving full empowerment.

The project holder
Kossi Mabani Massi
Human Resources Director, Novotel N'Djamena La Tchadienne

It is a pleasure to work with an association like Essor by offering young people from certain districts of N’Djamena opportunities to find a job by taking relevant occupational training.