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Field of intervention
Vocational training
Supported organization
Country and localization
France, Metz
Supported people
190 young people on the fringe of society
Project helped in
Amount of the support
36,000 euros

Support programs of young people on the fringe of society to help them to be socially and professionally inserted.

The aim of CMSEA, an organization created in 1950, is to safeguard and encourage access to an independent life, dignity and solidarity for all disadvantaged groups. CMSEA operates in 5 areas: employment insertion, drug abuse and addiction, specialized prevention, mental retardation, anti-social conduct and behavior disorders.

The CMSEA develops many projects which aim at supporting young people in great difficulty to be socially and professionally inserted:

  • social and educational mediation in and around Lorraine railway stations, with a view to allowing the socialization and integration of marginalized groups of young people suffering from a number of problems (poor health, poor housing conditions, addiction, unemployment, etc.).
  • the “Following paths to the future” project which aims at helping the disadvantaged, the homeless and those losing their way in life to gradually take up the dynamics of employment (participation of educational schemes, visits to schools, visits to companies, encounters with employers…).

In 2012 and 2013, Solidarity Accor supported the action of CMSEA by sponsoring social mediation programs for 115 young people. In 2014, following the success of the first two editions (with a positive outcome rate of nearly 40%), Solidarity Accor is renewing its support for a further 75 young people. 


Pascal Chauveau ok
Pascal Chauveau
General Manager Novotel Metz Centre
« The experience is really fulfilling in personal terms. Meeting these young people and being able to help them has really opened my mind and helped me to engage in a different kind of dialogue! »

Thierry Vignals ok
Thierry Vignals
General Manager ibis Metz Nord
« It is our duty to contribute at local level to the process of reintegrating young people into society and helping them to regain employment and self-respect. »