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Field of intervention
Economical development
Supported organization
Country and localization
France, Bordeaux
Supported people
5 young people coming from deprived neighbourhoods
Project helped in
Amount of the support
10,000 euros

“Créajeunes”: support for disadvantaged young persons from deprived neighborhoods for creating their own business

Adie (Association pour le Droit à l’Initiative Economique – association for the right of economic initiative), created in 1989, has a three-fold mission:

  • Financing micro-entrepreneurs that do not have access to bank loans, and in particular the unemployed and those on social benefits.
  • Supporting micro-entrepreneurs in the creation of their business.
  • Contributing to the improvement of the microcredit and business-creation institutional environment.


In October 2015, 120 Novotels in France participated in the collection of old uniforms and clothes. To encourage the teams and bring a dimension of solidarity to the operation, Novotel France committed to paying Solidarity Accor €2,000 per 1,000kg of clothes collected.

Thanks to this funding, Solidarity Accor and the Novotel France teams provide their support to the Créajeunes project in Bordeaux, which helps disadvantaged young persons to create their own business. Thanks to the solidarity and commitment of the Novotel employees, 5 young persons will receive such support.

The project holder
Kristoph Leroux
General Manager Novotel Bordeaux Lac

Providing support to disadvantaged young persons who want to succeed by creating their own business is a very interesting challenge. Entrepreneurial spirit has now become something of a rarity, for many different reasons, and the possibility of being able to play a role is part of our responsibility. It is a positive thing to step outside our daily routines and our hotels to see the difficulties faced by young people and share our experience with them. The transmission of know-how is for me something that is very important for the development of each one of us.