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Field of intervention
Economical development
Supported organization
Country and localization
France, peripheries of Toulouse
Supported people
33 young people
Project helped in
Amount of the support
35,000 euros

Créajeunes”: training and insertion of young businessmen from disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The Association pour le Droit à l’Initiative Economique (Adie) was created in 1989 and which is throughout France. It has a triple mission:

  • to finance projects from young entrepreneurs with no access to banking credit: the unemployed, those receiving a minimum government allowance, and the “in-work poor”;
  • support these entrepreneurs in the concretization of their project, helping them to progressively become clients of the banking system;
  • to use this real-scale experience as a “social laboratory” to improve the institutional environment of micro-credit and micro-enterprises.

Since several years, Adie has set up the “Créajeunes” program to meet the strong demands of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods, helping them make up for their lack of experience and capital. These youngsters follow a 4-month program focusing on 3 pillars: collective training (personal development, business modules and workshops, modules and workshops on the legal and tax conditions, financial and accounting modules and workshops, etc.), individual support (taught by a voluntary tutor) and networking actions.

In 2012, the Accor Foundation supported the training of 20 young entrepreneurs. In 2012, it pursued its support for 13 additional young people.

* In 2013, the Accor Foundation became Solidarity Accor.