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The international Agriculture in Morocco: a stand presented the Illy association

The international Agriculture show held in Meknes, Morocco: a stand presented the Illy association supported by the Accor Foundation.

SIAM, Salon International of Agriculture in the Morocco, took place from 25 to 29 April 2012. With this 7th edition, SIAM became the most important show of the agriculture in Africa with 42 countries represented. Under the main themes of research and innovation, SIAM has highlighted innovative activities, closely related to the need for an ongoing search of sustainable agricultural practices and competitiveness presented by the exhibitors (products, breeding, region, livestock, machinery…).

The Illy association whose objective is to improve the living conditions in the rural world by the emancipation of women was presenting its “Aronat” project, created in 2010 by a close collaboration between the NGO and Accor Morocco collaborators. Admiring the work done by Illy and with the desire to go further, the staff call for the Accor Foundation to implement this project.

2 main areas of work for the women of the association:
-         -”Aro”, which focuses on the production of essential oils (collection, drying and extraction) and the production of honey.
-         -”Nat”, which develops learning weaving of Berber tents made of wool and goat hair.

Currently, the first phase of the project takes place, with 20 women already trained to produce essential oils, saffron, honey and make lavender bags and sort of “potpourri” which are sold at during show and are marketed throughout the year.

Accor Fondation support: € 10,000.