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The Accor Foundation celebrated its third birthday!

The Accor Foundation celebrated its birthday in the four corners of the globe surrounded by all Accor Group employees.

After three years of existence, over 100 projects have seen the light of day, supported by close to 5 000 employees. This day of celebration presented the opportunity for reliving the highlights of the Foundation’s experience since its creation through the commitment and goodwill of Accor Group employees.

Friday 16 December 2011 was a very lively day for the Foundation. A range of activities and events were organised by Group employees in some fifteen countries, with the purpose of giving recognition for each one’s involvement with their partner associations.

From Asia to South America, from Europe to Oceania, Accor employees from 16 countries have devised countless initiatives to spotlight the Foundation’s objectives and its three main fields of intervention: support for local know-how, training and insertion of young people and emergency humanitarian aid. With a photo exhibition illustrating over thirty of the projects supported by the Foundation, solidarity markets, Christmas parties and the collecting of donations of money or gifts for people in difficulty, the Foundation’s different international sites sprung into action and made this special day a great success.

At Accor head office in Paris, to spotlight employee commitment, opportunities for dialogue were organised in the context of a solidarity market, offering more than 480 products made by the beneficiaries of fifteen or so associations supported by the Foundation, as well as a photo exhibition featuring 33 projects carried out over the past three years. During the press conference attended by a dozen journalists, Denis Hennequin, Chairman and CEO of ACCOR and CEO of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, presented the Foundation’s approach and reported on its actions, emphasising that “the Accor Foundation functions as our group’s ‘higher soul’ and is in line with our new ambition: Open New Frontiers in Hospitality. Across borders our Foundation extends hospitality of the heart and links cultures with the valuable assistance of our employees who help ensure that its actions are well-suited to specific local characteristics.”