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South Africa: four writers have come together to make Zuki come to life

“Zuki never imagined that this could happen to her. It was so surprising, so unexpected...”. This is opening line of the collection of four short stories published by Children of the Dawn, entitled “My name is Zuki”.

This South African association, which helps orphans or young people in vulnerable situations and helps them build a future through the “My Future, My Responsibility” programme, has been supported by Solidarity Accor since 2011.

In 2013, the NGO’s teams organised a writing workshop called “Loving to Write” for 210 teenagers from eight rural communities in the country.

What was the challenge? To make Zuki, a fictional heroine, come to life in a four-page short story with the aim of developing the young participants’ imagination and writing skills. During a three-month period, workshops were organised to oversee this exercise and several members of the association gave advice to the budding writers (grammar, vocabulary, etc.).


The four best short stories were selected and published in a collection, which have been distributed in the four Mercure hotels in the country since July 2014. Through the stories about Zuki, in turn a gifted orphan, the first female pilot, a young rebellious Congolese girl or a brilliant teacher, customers were given the opportunity to discover the NGO and their talented beneficiaries!

Read these short stories now by clicking here.