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Solidarity Week 2013: more than 100 social organisations supported worldwide!

Accor Group employees were more generous than ever in their involvement and commitment.

A total of 107 social organisations received support thanks to initiatives involving employees working in 100 Accor Group hotels and head offices in nearly 35 countries.

At head office in Paris the second Disco Soup event was an enormous success, with 200 employees happily rolling up their sleeves to prepare 100kg of fresh vegetables from the Jardins de Cocagne work experience nursery… to a disco beat! The resulting 230 litres of fresh vegetable soup was distributed to homeless people that night alongside volunteers from Restos du Cœur.

Our employees also gave generously to the collections held in support of three social organisations in particular:

  • Men’s suits, women’s suits, shirts, bags… all of these and more were donated to La Cravate Solidaire, the charity that provides men and women in challenging circumstances with appropriate clothing to attend interviews and find jobs
  • Children’s games and books were donated to L’Ancre Bleue to be sent on to Lebanon as part of a project to set up libraries in remote mountain schools
  • Towels, wash mitts  and baby care products were donated to Les Restos du Coeur to put together maternity kits

A Christmas Market selling products made by the beneficiaries of social organisations supported by Solidarity Accor* gave us the opportunity to promote more than 20 of these organisations.

Employees on every continent were also closely involved in Solidarity Week. Here’s a quick world tour of (just some!) of the initiatives implemented by our people.

In Africa, Nigerian employees organised an AIDS screening promotion day. Their colleagues in Togo visited an orphanage to hand out free croissants to the children. In Senegal, staff prepared snacks which they then shared with children in hospital.

In Asia, employees collected toys, books and clothing for underprivileged children. In Thailand, the arrival of an elephant in the hotel was an unexpected surprise for guests, but one that encouraged them to support a charity that protects and cares for abandoned elephants.

In North America, our Canadian employees played Santa Claus, buying, wrapping and giving out gifts to children who had written to Santa with their Christmas dreams. Staff in Washington served breakfast to the city’s homeless.

In South America, our Brazilian employees set up a library in a poor community, helped to build a children’s home, and donated toys to prisoners’ children. Their colleagues in Peru gave visual arts lessons to underprivileged children.

In Europe, employees in Romania visited a hospital to deliver gifts to children being treated for cancer. In Germany, staff welcomed children into the hotel for an afternoon of fun and entertainment. In Hungary, their colleagues served 180 meals to homeless people.

And in Bora Bora, there was a day of laughter and friendly competition for abused children, with paddling, canoeing, swimming and many other beach activities.


 * In 2013, the Accor Foundation became Solidarity Accor.