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Solidarity Week 2013

For the 8th year, Accor employees worldwide are mobilising to support the most deprived populations.

From 9th to 13th December 2013, Accor employees will participate in Solidarity Week and set up solidarity actions in hotels and head offices of the group in favour of local associations.

Twenty countries will be involved, the various Accor brands will be represented and more than 50 projects will be deployed worldwide during this 8th Solidarity Week which, once more, promises to be a rich moment of sharing and emotion.

Organisation of a Solidarity Market in Thailand, distribution of food to the homeless in the Netherlands, a collection of products for street children in Vietnam, reception of disabled people in hotels in Spain, solidarity teatime in China... are all examples of Accor teams' commitment to supporting their communities.

Spearheading this week, the Paris headquarters of Accor, is organising several events:

  • its eagerly awaited Christmas Solidarity market with products made by the beneficiaries of Solidarity Accor worldwide.
  • 3 fund-raising events in favour of associations:
           - "La Cravate Solidaire" that allows men and women in difficult situations to wear appropriate clothing to attend interviews and find a
           - "L'Ancre bleue" which gives children in Lebanon access to libraries for reading an-d playing.
           - "Les Restos BB du Coeur" so that expectant mothers in deprived situations may receive maternity kits.
  • And finally, the 2nd edition of "Disco Soup" during which employees peel almost 100 kg of vegetables, transformed into soup for "Restos du Coeur", all to music!

These initiatives reflect the same reality: the Group's hotels and head office are part of their communities and each day strive to develop a responsible approach within them.

We wish all the teams a successful Solidarity Week!