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Solidarity Accor launches its news donation page

You can now make a commitment to Solidarity Accor through its new donation page

Since 2008, more than 10,000 employees have made an in-the-field commitment to Solidarity Accor projects to boost the employability of the most deprived populations. But how about taking it one stage further?  What if, thanks to you, even more people in difficult situations could find support?

It is now possible thanks to our brand new donation page. All those who wish can help finance projects alongside our endowment fund.




Want to sign up? Nothing could be simpler: go to Support our actions and in a few clicks, come on board! You will join the Solidarity Accor donor community.

As the action of Solidarity Accor is international, you can choose to support a specific geographical area. Check out these 5 areas through their projects:


A few examples of projects worldwide:

- In France, la Table de Cana Marseille has been set up to train 12 women from the Northern districts of the city in high-end catering, with the help of Chefs;

- In Europe, Fondation Parada helps street children and teenagers to start over and train in careers in the hospitality industry;

- in Africa, the Voûte Nubienne Association trains vulnerable people in a traditional housing construction technique, allowing many families to find accommodation;

- in Asia, Green Youth Collective offers young people excluded from society the opportunity to train in "green jobs" 

- In the Americas, Lotus House helps socially vulnerable women become autonomous by training them as barmaids ...

... and many other initiatives, which you can find on our website.

Solidarity Accor is proud to share this solidarity with you and will keep you informed about the progress of the projects supported through your contribution. So don't hesitate any longer, donate!


Note: for taxable donors in France, Solidarity Accor can issue a tax receipt for up to 66% of your donation (for individuals) and 60% for businesses.