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Senegal: The Voûte Nubienne Association opens its first offices!

On Wednesday 9 July Souleymane Khôl, Accor’s Africa/Indian Ocean Head of Marketing Sales & Distribution and head of project, visited the Voûte Nubienne Association’s first offices in Thiès, Senegal, built with the assistance of Solidarity Accor.

Here it should be remembered that the Voûte Nubienne’s 100% earth construction technique, using no wood or metal, produces solid comfortable buildings in keeping with the local climate, local economies and the expectations and demands of the local population. This initial construction in the city centre demonstrates the association’s adaptability to urban areas. The offices, open to the general public, show the vast construction potential of the "Voûte Nubienne" [Nubian vault] technique: constructions on various levels, terrace roof, outer staircase, permanent protection coatings for walls and terraces, sanitary facilities etc.

Souleymane was impressed by the quality of the construction in comparison to its cost, and said that this type of initiative deserved to be promoted because it met the genuine needs of those with no access to credit to pay for their housing projects.