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Radio and professional insertion: results of the ANPHI training project!

Mixing console, microphones and suitable headphones, editing software, computers... The Cino radio studio of the ANPHI charity (National Association for the Prevention of Handicap and Information) pumps up the volume with new professional-quality equipment. Solidarity AccorHotels supported this equipment renewal project in 2014. 







A look back at an original and significant training project:

On Monday, January 25th, 9 ANPHI trainees hosted a lively radio debate on the position television occupies in our lives. And yet this small group joined the ANPHI training programme only a few weeks ago.

The charity offers trainees with psychic disorders the appropriate support to regain confidence in themselves and work on their oral expression and their image. Radio, video and theatre are the three pillars of this programme, and the results are very positive: 97% of participants stay with the internship all the way to the end, even though sometimes they are coming out of long periods of isolation or loneliness.

A wonderful success! And thus it was, in a newly-equipped radio studio, that we had the opportunity to meet the beneficiaries. Working with Fred Pierre, the professional host in charge of programming at Vivre FM radio, they design, produce, and perform quite freely, the radio content of the show "Ça des méninges"

Elsa V. talks about the importance of this programme, which has acted on her "like a starter". Adrien B. says that "his life has resumed a normal pace, something he had lost and did not think he could recover". The programme enabled him "to rebuild his life, refocus and no longer panic at the first stressful event." While Thierry B. stated that he no longer defines himself by his pathology, but as a person in his own right.

So the programme was an unqualified success!

Join us every Saturday and Sunday from 5 to 5:30 p.m. to listen to "Ca des méninges" on Vivre FM [only in French].