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Portrait of Claire Tournefier, founder and director of Rejoué

Combining reuse, recycling and professional integration is the challenge taken up by Claire Tournefier and the association Rejoué she founded in 2010, which has been met with great success!  

Today, the association employs around 20 people in difficulty and recycles nearly 26 tonnes of second-hand toys and games every year.

This project, with a strong social foundation, has been a shining success because it addresses a major issue: what to do with toys and games that are often stashed away in cupboards and closets after a year or two of use. Claire Tournefier, a social entrepreneur through and through, took on this challenge to make a difference and give these items a second lease on life.



A Q&A on her inspiring journey

  • Where did the idea to create your own association come from? What inspired you to do this?  

It was after my son was born that I decided to fight back against the waste generated by toys and offer accessible employment to people in difficult situations.

At that time, I was volunteering for the French Red Cross, which gave me an opportunity to really see how big a problem the over-consumption of toys was. So many toys were donated to the association, and I realised that something needed to be done to fight the mountains of toys piling up at the Red Cross offices that were so difficult to redistribute.  I thought, ‘I can do something’!

  • Can you tell us in a few words, as the founder and director, what Rejoué’s mission is?

Rejoué’s main mission is to give people in difficulty a chance to get back to work and make a decent living. My mission is to motivate the permanent team to support the employees to help them gain confidence in themselves and their ability to learn and work and to help them imagine themselves in a stable job.

  • What are you most proud of at Rejoué?

Every employee who leaves with a smile and a newfound energy to find a stable job, training and decent living conditions. Today, half of Rejoué’s employees have successfully found a job after their experience – that’s a clear success!

  • What’s next for the association?

Creating a national network to recover second-hand toys and games to help even more people gain access to employment and give toys a second life.

Whether you’re interested in reusing and recycling or professional integration, whether you want to make a purchase for a good cause or at a great price, or whether you want to support the association’s actions, the Rejoué shop is for you!

You can find all sorts of toys and games just like new in this lovely shop located near the entrance of the Gaîté shopping centre near the Montparnasse train station. Come by and let your inner child out!