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Lisa Lovatt Smith, the passionate and fascinating woman who founded OAfrica, take a look back

Wednesday 8 April marked the release of the French version of Who Knows Tomorrow (D’une vie à l’autre). This autobiography by Lisa Lovatt Smith, former Spanish Vogue fashion director and founder of the OAfrica association, takes a look back at her very unique life.

OAfrica, supported by Solidarity Accor since 2013, aims to get Ghanaian children out of orphanages. During a visit to Ghana in 2001 with her daughter, Lisa saw these orphanages for what they really were: a place of death where some children become victims of trafficking and are regularly forced to work. Lisa was so affected by what she saw that she decided to leave her previous life behind, move to Ghana and set up OAfrica.

The association has helped some 4000 children since 2002. The Novotel Accra City Centre teams joined forces with the organisation in 2013 and asked Solidarity Accor to support the Young Adults Support Services (YASS) training programme. The programme’s objective is to encourage young people to pursue their education at university or in technical training programmes and to assist them in finding employment. In 2015, Novotel confirmed seven internships for programme participants.


A spotlight on Solidarity Accor:

Christine de Longevialle, Deputy Director of Solidarity Accor, was alongside Lisa Lovatt Smith on Monday 13 April during the broadcast of Goût de Luxe Paris on BFM Business. It was a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of this “motivating” woman (Clarins 2012 award) as well as the commitment of her partners, which include Clarins and Solidarity Accor.

Watch the clip at the following link (video available only in French) HERE