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Ivory Coast: What is the state of play of the Ivoire Développement Durable farming cooperatives?

Do you remember that at the beginning of the year, the women from the Damé and Ebimpé communities received a farming kit to mark the launch of the Ivoire Développement Durable (Ivoire DD) project?

What is the objective? Training 60 women on farming techniques and cooperative management in order to grow various vegetables intended for local school canteens.

What is the state of play six months after the project launch? We propose to review the progress in harvesting and upcoming challenges.





In Damé, we find a group called Eklolé (“our love”) where six women have been trained on cooperative management and to different farming techniques. They can accordingly supervise farming operations, which are already recording good harvesting results: almost 300kg of aubergines, 30kg of okra and 30kg of pepper!

In Ebimpé, the first training courses have started. The group, named Boko, which means “help”, is recording a very good production of aubergines, with more than 30kg harvested. However, the very low germination of pepper has not yet enabled the cultivation to be diversified.

The project is consequently on the right track and the two communities are envisaging the next step with enthusiasm and determination. The upcoming months will be devoted to growing new vegetables such as green soya, preparing new plots of land and irrigation systems, and continuing the training courses.