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Germany: official ceremony for the Accor Foundation’s contribution to Lebenshilfe Fürth

On April 12, 2011, Lebenshilfe Fürth has received a donation of €62,000 from the Accor Foundation to promote the training and insertion of young disabled persons, from the Music School of Fürth.

The “Berufung Musiker” project (Musician by vocation) was presented at a press conference at the Mercure Fürth hotel in the presence of Werner Steinkirchner, President of the Lebenshilfe Fürth, Robert Wagner, Headmaster of the Music School of Fürth, Marie-Caroline Bizet, Delegate-General of the Accor Foundation, Michel Gosselin, General Manager of Mercure Fürth and Volkmar Pfaff, Senior Vice Presifdent Operations Mercure, Accor Germany.

During this evening, the “Vollgas” group, founded in 2009 by 8 young disabled persons, gave a charity concert with the international renowned quartet “Quadro Nuevo” in the framework of the 3rd “Fürther Integrativen Soundfestivals” (Fürth music festival). The on-stage performance of the 8 young musicians from “Vollgas” and the Music School’s work enchanted Marie-Caroline Bizet, Delegate-General from the Accor Foundation, who had come from France to attend the project’s presentation: “The young musicians played magnificently. Their performance on stage and their abilities were impressive.”

Presented by Michel Gosselin (General Manager of Mercure in Fürth), the “Berufung Musiker” project fits into the “Training and Insertion” theme. It is the Accor Foundation’s 3rd project supported by German employees, after support given to the FC Bavaria Werkvolk in Regensburg and the association Pour un Sourire d’Enfant in Cambodia.

Through this project, the Fürth Music School boosts the creative and artistic potential of disabled people to allow them to develop new capacities. This allows the challenged youngsters of the “Vollgas” group to feel integrated and included in society, and in general, promotes the insertion of disabled young people in German society. Under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it is necessary to promote the insertion of young people with disabilities in society and their admission in training centres. Based on this principle, the Fürth Music School formed the “Vollgas” group between 2009 and 2011. Their first concerts had considerable impact in Bavaria. Once the tour is finished, a 2nd group will be formed starting in November 2011.

The project is headed by the Fürth Music School, a non-profit association founded in 1986 open to musicians of all ages and accessible to students with and without disabilities, and Lebenshilfe Fürth, the local branch of the German association Lebenshilfe, which has been undertaking actions in favour of disabled people since 1961 to allow them to be better integrated in society.