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From disadvantaged Chinese youth to outstanding Young Bakers: the 8th batch students celebrate the end of a fruitful year

Monday, July 18th, marked a turning point in the life of 29 Shanghai Young Bakers! After a whole year training in French bakery and pastry, as well as hands-on internships to gain practical experience and three weeks of intensive exams, the 8th batch students graduated with flying colors and embarked on new journey as bakers!







The Graduation Ceremony took place at naked Hub, a creative co-working space of the city, gathering SYB’s sponsors, partners, as well as many other supporters of the NGO.  April Ling - AccorHotels Communications Manager in China and Lily Song - Director of Marketing & Communications at Grand Mercure Hongqiao Shanghai, were present at the ceremony to cheer the Young Bakers and to celebrate their success. Indeed, AccorHotels’ teams in China, have been supporting this vocational program since 2013.

April tells us about her feeling after this great ceremony: “I am proud to see the Shanghai Young Bakers has been successfully and continuously growing. This is such a meaningful program that empowers youth with skills that support their future living independently. I was pleased to share the joy and touching moments with the graduates who are going to embark on a new chapter in life.” And Lily to conclude “We wish all the best to them and to the SYB program”.

SYB-Frise 3 photos

In one year, the students saw their life completely change and evolve, thanks to the program. Liu, one of the best graduates of the 8th batch shared his story: “I was perplexed about my future last year when I graduated from high school… Later on, after an interview of SYB, I was selected to be a part of this program.” Just like him, coming from all over China, students are brought together by the will of being financially independent and their passion for bakery.

Earlier that day, 8 companies, varying from private bakeries to famous bakery chains took part in the Career Fair to meet and interview the 29 skillful and motivated Young Bakers, offering them various options for the future! And to complete this tremendous day, the guests of the ceremony had the opportunity to taste authentic French finger foods made by SYB and other surprises made in bread.