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France: La Fabrique, an equitable cannery that brings together organic food and professional insertion

The inauguration of La Fabrique, an equitable cannery forming part of the Jardins de Lucie, took place on 17 October, in Communay near Lyon (France). This association, which is part of the Cocagne Network, has been supported by Solidarity Accor since 2015.

The inauguration started with a visit of the premises of this project, which can be defined in three words: “organic, ethical and equitable!”, as recalled by Michel Pras, the association’s President. Jean Guy Henckel, Director of the Cocagne Network also underlined the “innovative character of this project, which is a veritable driver for the network and its member associations”.




Sophie Verdier, Room Division Manager at the Novotel Lyon Gerland, is the project holder within AccorHotels. She spoke about the reasons for her involvement at the sides of Jardins de Lucie, detailing the implementation of a company breakfast organized with Carole Cursio, Regional Recruitment Manager, Central-Eastern Rhône, dedicated to the organization’s employees benefitting from a professional-insertion placement: “It is with great pride that I represent the AccorHotels group and its professions, which are in line with the expectations of the professional reinsertion employees at Jardins de Lucie. Quite frankly, it wasn’t easy but we managed to the break the ice, start a dialog and allow everyone to regain confidence in themselves!” And her involvement doesn’t stop there: Sophie would like to go further by involving more of her colleagues: “We will continue with hotel visits and internships. We want to help them to come and discover our professions in the field. We also foresee the deployment of pick-up points in Lyon hotels for the delivery of vegetable baskets.”

A bright future and opportunities for collaboration with this dynamic and innovative professional-insertion organization!