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Côte d’Ivoire: Official Launch of Ivoire Développement Durable's new training programme

Solidarity Accor and the Abidjan Accor teams support Ivoire Développement Durable since 2009, under the programme to empower disadvantaged rural young people through local crops.

At the beginning of 2015, Ivoire Développement Durable launched a brand new programme. In the villages of Damé (280 km east of Abidjan) and Ebimpé (22 km north of Abidjan), 64 socially vulnerable women are going to be taught agricultural techniques and how to run a cooperative.


The project was launched with two strong events. At Damé, a ceremony in late January marked the handing over of an agricultural kit to the 30 beneficiaries, in the presence of the village chief and other major local players. At Ebimpé, the training officially kicked off with a gesture in favour solidarity: the donation of a 3-hectare plot by one of the village's leading figures to the cooperative of 34 women.


Each group then defined the crops they want to grow: chilli, eggplant, okra for Damé and chilli, eggplant, banana and cassava for Ebimpé. These women are enthusiastic about the project, which will not only help them gradually become independent, but also supply the school canteens in their area, thus ensuring over 600 children receive balanced meals.