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Check remittance in favor of In-Presa association in Italy

Press conference in Milan for In-Presa and Accor Foundation

On October 9, 2012, in the region of Milan, Italy, a press conference was held to present the project supported by the Accor Foundation: “Tessere Legami”, translation of the Accor Foundation’s commitment, « Tisser des liens ».

Orchestrated by Renzo Iorio, General Manager of Accor Italy and in the presence of Marie-Caroline Bizet, Accor Foundation Manager, David Bartesaghi, General Manager of In-Presa, Chiara Frigeni, coop/work program coordinator of the In-Presa association and Alessandro Scaccheri, Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, this press conference was the opportunity to present in front of many Italian journalists, the In-Presa association as well as the Accor Foundation support.

In-Presa, whose purpose is to train young people in unstable situation and promote the business start-up in economically depressed communities, presented the project “Tessere Legami”, built jointly between Accor Italy teams and the Foundation.

As an extension of a close collaboration between the association and Accor Italy employees since 2008, this action has taken full scope in 2012. Admiring the work done by In-Presa and with the desire to go further, Enrica Tomei (Corporate Human Resource – Accor Italy) and Accor staff required a support from the Foundation to build and equip a “pasticceria” area within the school of the association. This project will enable young people to develop a new know-how: the pastry-making profession.

“The goal is not to support In-Presa but to work jointly with her” said Renzo Ioro, who has been supporting the association for many years. Marie-Caroline Bizet highlighted the quality of the project the “corresponding exactly to the Accor Foundation’s ambition which is the empowerment of people.”

The press conference ended with a 40,000 euros check remittance from the Accor Foundation in favor of In-Presa, and an amazing culinary show since journalists and guests prepared their lunch with young students: a memorable risotto!