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Ceremony for the graduation of the Fundacion Sol Naciente beneficiaries!

Tuesday 14 August, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, took place a graduation validating the commitment of young girls who underwent training proposed by Sol Naciente.

The association welcomes and supports very young pregnant women and single mothers in difficulty. Supported by the Accor Foundation up to EUR 35,000 over 2 years, these young women receive training in a workshop, designing and making hand-crafted jewellery. They learn how to work with silver and some local stones like amber and larimar. At the end of this training, they will be able to find a job or set up a business in this sector.

This graduation validates their initial training surrounded by all the representatives of the project, the President of the association, the Director of the Agmber Museum, Thomas Simonnet and Emeline Ori. The beneficiaries and volunteers were then able to exchange their experiences around a buffet.

The day has been also celebrated by the opening of their account book with the sale of their first 2 rings!

To animate the day and closing the graduation, a show on the themes of love and recognition has been recounted by a storyteller.