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Brazil: Humbiumbi, “an open door to the future” for disadvantaged young people

Since 2013, the AccorHotels teams at Belo Horizonte have been committed to disadvantaged communities from the favelas of the Western suburbs of the city. The aim of their action? Working hand in hand with the Humbiumbi NGO to accompany sixty or so young people boost their employability each year.

From disadvantaged families and poor neighbourhoods, lacking self-confidence, these young people often arrive at Humbiumbi feeling disoriented and without a career plan. The NGO, in partnership with the AccorHotels teams, has therefore set up a specific training programme in the hotel industry called “Youth in Action". Combining theoretical lessons, group work, role plays and practical training, each stage of the training actively involves Group employees.




Raquel Rodrigues, shares her thoughts: “This experience is extremely rewarding. Being with these young people, seeing their determination and interest forces us to reconsider our role as a citizen, as a player capable of getting things around us to move!” Alex Silva Souza talks about the strong values ​​to be transmitted to young people: “The importance of doing what you love” and “giving your best to succeed”.

And the results are there! This summer, 35 people graduated after an outstanding professional experience. Mateus, a young trainee, compares this training as a real “open door to the future", providing him with a “solid preparation for the labour market, instilling strong values but also key skills and real potential!”. A real success then for these young graduates, whose enthusiasm is a driving force for the employees involved. Daniele, who participated to the program, tells us “Oh my God, the internship is wonderful!!! Really, I fell in love, it is perfect! I always wanted to work in a hotel, but I had the confirmation today! Thank you so much! I’m speechless ... I'm enjoying a lot! Thanks again!"  

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