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Brazil: graduation ceremony for students of the Humbiumbi NGO

On Wednesday 18 December 2013, over 60 people gathered at the Humbiumbi NGO headquarters in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, for the graduation ceremony for the youngsters who benefited from the hospitality/catering activities initiation programme. The group included family members, friends and employees of the Accor group in Brazil who supported the students throughout their long training.

Humbiumbi coordinator Maria Livia opened the ceremony with a speech stressing the importance of this choice: "Following this training course was a significant decision in your lives. But this is not the end of this phase; you must now make further choices but can now decide on your future taking into consideration the entire sector of the hospitality industry."

Accor employees and the tutors then handed out the diplomas, and all trainees were able to express how they benefited from the course, both professionally and personally.