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Board meeting's first decisions

On Friday, 11 April 2014, the Board of Trustees of Solidarity Accor gathered for the first time. Chaired by Sébastien Bazin, Chief Executive Officer of Accor, the Board of Trustees consists of eight members, including two qualified external personalities:  

  • Françoise Holder, a member of the Accor Foundation Board of Directors from June 2011 to August 2013 and one of the founders of Groupe Holder (Manufacture du Pain, Saint-Preux, Paul, Ladurée, etc.). In 2007, she also joined Forces Femmes, a non-profit organization founded to help unemployed women over the age of 45. She was appointed its Chairwoman in 2010. The President of the Republic recently appointed her a member of the Council for Simplification.
  • Jean-Marc Borello, the founder and Chairman of Groupe SOS, France’s first social enterprise. He started his career as a specialized educator in a welcome center for young delinquents. He was an Advisor with France’s Inter-Ministerial Mission for the Fight Against Drugs and Drug Addiction, and then CEO of a group of Small & Medium enterprises for 10 years. In 1997, he decided to devote himself full-time to Groupe SOS, whose first non-profit activities he had created in 1984.

The 5 internal members appointed are : Peter Verhoeven, COO HotelServices Northern, Central and Eastern Europe ; Virginie Sido, SVP Accor Corporate Brand, CSR & Internal Communications ; Jean-Michel Cassé, SVP India ; Laurent Picheral, COO Poland and Baltic countries and Manoël Parrent, Operational Marketing Director, Communications and Sustainable Development for Africa.

The primary mission of the Board is to define the strategic direction of the Fund and ensure its proper management. It is also responsible for approving the projects supported.

At this first meeting, the directors voted on special support for six associations:

  • In France, Solidarity Accor supports, for the 4th time, the integration project led by Acta Vista at Fort Saint-Nicolas in Marseilles. In 2014, 40 new beneficiaries will be accompanied in the restoration of Fort Ganteaume, located on the lower part of the Fort Saint-Nicolas. Find out more about this project.
  • In Burma, Solidarity Accor supports a vocational training project with the FXB International association. In Yangon, 80 young women will be trained in manual weaving, clothing production and interior decoration, as well as the sale of their products. Find out more about this project.
  • In Ivory Coast, for the past 3 years, Solidarity Accor has accompanied the NGO Ivoire Développement Durable to develop, in poor villages, income-generating activities based on local and sustainable plantations. In 2014, Accor Solidarity supports a new project to accompany two farm groups of 60 women in difficulty and promote their autonomy. Find out more about this project.
  • In Thailand, Solidarity Accor is committed for the second year to the Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement (IECD) to train 30 young Karens for careers in the hospitality industry. Find out more about this project.
  • Finally, in Romania, Solidarity Accor continues its involvement in the training and employability programme led by the Parada Foundation for the benefit of 40 very deprived young people. Find out more about this project.