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The Accor Foundation celebrates its 3 years!

The Accor Foundation announces its goal to expand projects in the long-term throughout all 90 countries where the Group operates. 

  • 3 years of solidarity supported by 5,000 group employees in 33 countries
  • In 2011 the Accor Foundation surpassed the 100th project milestone
  •  2012: a 30% increase in the number of projects supported

To mark its 3rd anniversary, the Accor Foundation unveils its achievements since 2008 and announces its plan to develop its actions in France and internationally with support from employees and henceforth also from Accor’s clients and partners.

As part of its birthday celebrations, the Accor Foundation is inviting Accor employees and partner associations to its hotels and about 15 Accor head offices. The objective is to present the different types of solidarity projects it supports and introduce employees who would like to add an extra dimension to their professional activities to the associations.  In addition to this event, the Foundation is organizing a solidarity market featuring a selection of local handicrafts made by the people it supports, and a photo exhibition that highlights the involvement of employees in these solidarity schemes. 

Starting from 33 projects in 2009 and reaching 106 projects by the end of 2011, the Accor Foundation is willing to expand its commitment worldwide and to be closer to the involved employees and the populations that are supported.

Accor Chairman and CEO, Denis Hennequin, explains: “Nowadays, employees, citizens and consumers tend to be as one. From now on, companies must incorporate all these dimensions into their offer. In this respect, corporate foundations provide the guarantee of an organized and flexible structure which meets the expectations of these diverse, cohesive, and shifting communities.”

He adds: “Accor Foundation functions as our group’s “higher soul” and is in line with our new ambition: Open New Frontiers in Hospitality. Across frontiers our Foundation extends hospitality of the heart and links cultures with the valuable assistance of our employees who help ensure that its actions are well-suited to specific local characteristics. This approach is in keeping with our service profession which, by its very essence, is based on the values of hospitality, solidarity and generosity that are exemplified in the hotelier.” 

The Accor Foundation’s actions focus on three fields of intervention: support for local know-how, training and insertion of young people in difficulty, and humanitarian and emergency aid. Accor Foundation Manager, Marie-Caroline Bizet, explains that “In these three areas our objective is always to foster the autonomy of the people we help by implementing projects that are economically viable and self-sufficient in the medium term”. 

The partnership we have in China with Chi Heng Foundation to support AIDS-afflicted adolescents and their families with their education and professional insertion is a perfect example of the virtuous circle we implement through interaction with our employees, hotels and customers.  This solidarity project, known as “Empowerment Builds the Future” was initiated at the end of 2009 by our employees in China.  It involved setting up a sewing workshop and supporting the sale of the eco-friendly bags made there. Over €45,000 have been raised to date, thanks to the sale of some 22,000 bags via our significant network of hotels in the region and all the benefits of these sales have been used to expand production and offer training and scholarships to the children of the families concerned!” she concludes.

To guarantee transparency and benefit from sound expertise, the Foundation relies on three additional decision-making bodies:

The board of Directors

- 5 representatives of the founding companies

  •         Denis Hennequin, Accor Chairman and CEO –  Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
  •         Agnès Caradec, Accor Senior Vice President Communications & External Relations – Secretary of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
  •         Franck Pruvost, Senior Vice President Etap Hotel/hotelF1 France – Treasurer of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
  •         Tijania Thépégnier, Director of Human Resources, Accor Morocco
  •         Peter Verhoeven, Chief Operating Officer, Accor Germany

- 1 employee representative

  •         Laurence Canal, Personal Assistant, Brand Marketing & Communication Services

- 4 external qualified personalities

  •         Abdel Belmokadem, Founder and Director of Nes & Cité
  •         Jacques Bungert, Co-chairman of Courrèges
  •         Françoise Holder, Co-chairwoman of the association Force Femmes
  •         Pierre-Jean Rey, Humanitarian photographer

The Expert Committee:

This committee chaired by Accor’s Founding Co-chairmen Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson guarantees the Foundation’s good governance and ensures respect for Accor’s values.

The permanent team:

  •         Marie-Caroline Bizet: Foundation Manager
  •         Christine de Longevialle: Foundation Project Manager
  •         Armelle Villeroy: Foundation Project Manager
  •         Marguerite-Marie Fonvielle: Communication Manager

In 2012, the Foundation will provide the accurate assessment of its social impact after 3 years of commitment and will organize a year-end meeting of all its members around the world to share their experiences.