Entry Regulations - win a grant for your favourite charity

Solidarity Operation Regulations

For its 10th birthday, Solidarity AccorHotels supports 10 of Le Club AccorHotels members’ charity projects



The SOLIDARITY ACCORHOTELS Endowment Fund, which is regulated by Law 2008-776 of 4 August 2008, declared to the prefecture de Police de Paris on 22 April 2013, published in the Journal Officel on 11 May 2013, registered office 82 rue Henri Farman, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux (hereafter the "Endowment Fund" or the "Organiser »), is organising from 14/10/2018 to 04/11/2018 inclusive a Solidarity Operation that is free to enter without purchase (hereafter the "Solidarity Operation") on the web page entitled For its 10th birthday, Solidarity AccorHotels supports 10 of your charity projects at:https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=kBHoPkuVZECOffEv12H9Od69v7jjw3BKuG9dMHWm96FUQktSOEVQMEpOT0hTRjJaWEhFWjA4TkxTTi4u

The Solidarity Operation is called: win a grant for your favourite charity!


  1. SCOPE

The Solidarity Operation is available only on the For its 10th birthday, Solidarity AccorHotels supports 10 of your charity projects web page, from 14/10/2018 to 04/11/2018 inclusive, and is available in French and English.

Dates and times shown in these Regulations are UTC +01:00 (Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris). No other time zone will be valid when participating in the Solidarity Operation.

The Solidarity Operation is open to all individuals over 18 years old and members of the Le Club AccorHotels loyalty program at the start of Solidarity Operation (hereafter the "Participant") with the exception of:

  1. Organiser’s employees and representatives;
  2. employees of AccorHotels or any brand owned by the AccorHotels Group on 14/10/2018;
  3. in general any company or individual that is directly or indirectly involved in setting up or operating the Solidarity Operation.



These Regulations govern the Solidarity Operation and the selection of winners.

Each Participant confirms that he/she has read in full and accepts the Regulations and principles of the Solidarity Operation. Solidarity Operation entry constitutes full and unqualified acceptance by the Participant of the entirety of these Regulations, the ethical rules published on the internet and the laws and regulations applying to contests and competitions.

Failure to comply with any part of these Regulations shall invalidate entry.

Since the Solidarity Operation can also be accessed via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Participants must also comply with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter conditions of use. Participants also confirm that they understand Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter confidentiality policies, which are available on their websites. The offices of Facebook Ireland Limited, LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company and Twitter International Company, which publish the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter websites are located at: (Facebook) 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland; (LinkedIn) Gardiner House, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland; (Twitter)  One Cumberland Place, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

The Solidarity Operation is not however managed, sponsored or certified by Facebook Ireland Limited, LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company or Twitter International Company. Information provided by Participants is given to the Organiser and not to Facebook Ireland Limited, LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company or Twitter International Company and will not be sold or assigned to third parties in any way whatsoever.



The Solidarity Operation gives members of the Le Club AccorHotels loyalty program an opportunity to submit a charity project (hereafter the “Project”) that comes within one of the Organiser's action areas:

1. Promote integration : fighting social and economic exclusion of vulnerable populations and triggering an improvement of the life conditions for local communities, empowering them towards self-sufficiency through:

  • training: support for vocational training and/or apprenticeship programs that ensure the social and economic integration of their beneficiaries;
  • development actions: support for the management/creation of activities that will generate income, are based on local cultures and needs, are an essential part of other humanitarian actions and contribute to social development for people in distress or poverty;

2. long-term support in emergencies, helping local people deal with the immediate and long-term consequences of humanitarian disasters.

10 of the Projects received will be selected and the 10 beneficiary charitable organizations or Projects concerned will each receive up to € 5 000 (five thousand euro).

To enter, Participants must:

  • Fill in the form that can be downloaded using the link on the e-card sent by Le Club AccorHotels on 14/10/2018;
  • Enter the Solidarity Operation before 04/11/2018 23:59 (French time, UTC/GMT +1).

One entry per Participant is allowed.



A jury of 6 people made up of experts from Solidarity AccorHotels, Le Club AccorHotels and hotel operators will select 10 (ten) winners based on the following criteria:

  • Participant must be over 18 years old;
  • Participant must be members of the Le Club AccorHotels loyalty program;
  • the project must fall within the areas supported by the Organiser, i.e. vocational training and professional integration or Humanitarian (see section 4 – Entry regulations);
  • the entry form must be completed in French or English;
  • the Project must not take place in Canada or the USA;
  • the Project must be run in a country where AccorHotels is present to enable the operating teams to become locally involved in its development;
  • involvement of the member him/herself in the supported charitable organization will be considered a positive factor in the selection of the 10 winning Projects;
  • the Project must be run within 12 months of the announcement of the results;
  • support amount: up to € 5 000 per Project, to be paid directly to the beneficiary charitable organization named by the member, following investigation and approval of the beneficiary charitable organization or Project by Solidarity AccorHotels’ experts. Each winning Project will form the basis of an agreement between Solidarity AccorHotels and the named beneficiary charitable organization.



The project or charitable organization named by the winners on their entry forms will each receive:

  • Up to € 5000 (five thousand euro)

Just one contribution will be made per beneficiary project or charitable organization (same name and international/regional details).

Contributions will be made only to the beneficiary Project or charitable organization named on the entry form and cannot be assigned, exchanged or altered.

If funds are paid to a beneficiary charitable organization, the latter must be able to prove to the Organiser that it is a public interest charitable organization. If funds are allocated to finance a humanitarian project abroad sponsored by the  Solidarity Accor Endowment Fund, the Fund will finance the project either directly or in partnership with a local charitable organization.



Winners will be notified by e-mail before 31/01/2019. E-mails will be sent to the e-mail address the winners have given, so long as this is a valid address. The Organiser bears no liability for incomplete or incorrect details that prevent the allocation of contributions.

Winners will have 15 days from receipt of the e-mail in which to contact the Organiser so that handover of the contribution to the selected charitable organization can be arranged.

Winners who fail to reply by the above deadline will be considered to have waived the contribution to the named charitable organization. The Organiser will then select a new winner using the same methods.



Solidarity Operation entry does not confer any of the Organiser's intellectual property rights on the Participant concerned. Pursuant to the French Intellectual Property Code, the reproduction, representation and exploitation of all or any part (design, texts, etc.) of the Solidarity Operation or of the https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=kBHoPkuVZECOffEv12H9Od69v7jjw3BKuG9dMHWm96FURFFCTkJVU1pQTkJOWkNCMThRMVZMTFZQMC4u web page are strictly prohibited, irrespective of whether the trademarks, designs or product names cited are protected trademarks, designs or product names.

The exploitation of any part of the Solidarity Operation in whatsoever way is subject to intellectual property rules.



The Organiser may make all necessary checks to ensure that each entry complies in full with these Regulations and consequently may request any information to check:

  • the identity of the Participant;
  • that the Participant has made just one entry;
  • that the beneficiary charitable organization named by the Participant - if the funds are to be paid to a named beneficiary - is a public interest charitable organization;
  • that the project is in the public interest if it is to be supported directly by Solidarity Accor.



The Organiser will on request refund from the Participant concerned all expenses incurred to enter the Solidarity Operation, i.e. the cost of connecting to the internet to enter the Solidarity Operation and postage for requests for refund or the Regulations.

Refunds will only be given to Participants who comply with the terms and conditions for Solidarity Operation entry and the terms and conditions set out in this section.

In other words, the Organiser will accept just one general request for refund per household (same surname, first name, e-mail and postal addresses) throughout the Solidarity Operation.

10.1     Cost of connecting to the internet to enter the Solidarity Operation

Participants may request refund of their proven connection costs to enter the Solidarity Operation.

Participants who incur no additional connection or communication costs to enter the Solidarity Operation (internet subscription, Cybercâble users etc.) may not claim refunds.

10.2     Postage on requests for refunds or the Regulations

The Organiser will on request refund the cost of the Participant's standard rate stamp on its refund/Solidarity Operation Regulations request.

10.3     Refund method

Refund requests must be sent in writing to: Solidarity AccorHotels, 82 Rue Henri Farman, 92445 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex, France.

The Participant must clearly state in its letter its surname, first name, full address (street and street number, postcode, town and country) and include the following:

  • details of a bank account held in his/her own name;
  • photocopy of his/her identity card;
  • where relevant, copy/copies of detailed telephone bill(s) showing the precise date(s) and time(s) of entry.

Requests that are incomplete, illegible, not sent to the above address or received more than one month after the end of the Solidarity Operation (date as postmark) will be invalid.

If the Solidarity Operation is extended or delayed, the deadline for receipt of the Solidarity Operation Regulations and refunds (stamp and internet connection cost) will be altered accordingly.

Refunds will be by bank transfer to the Participant's account.



The Organiser may suspend, delay, extend or cancel the Solidarity Operation without notice in the event of force majeure after giving notice using any appropriate method. It shall have no liability in such cases.

The Organiser accepts no liability for internet problems or power cuts, for incorrect use of the internet, malfunction of reception equipment or any other incident affecting the smooth running of the Solidarity Operation that might prevent an internet user from entering before the deadline.

Participants must take all appropriate action to protect their own data and/or software stored on their own hardware from damage. Connection to the Solidarity Operation web page and competition entry is at the Participant's own liability. Participants who seek to interfere with the Solidarity Operation IT system in any way in order to win or attempt to win will be excluded from the Solidarity Operation. The Organiser reserves the right to sue anyone who commits or attempts to commit fraud.

The Organiser accepts no liability for any damage caused by:

  • site malfunction, computer error, virus or other damaging problems,
  • force majeure events (strike, bad weather, war, attack) that prevent beneficiary organizations from receiving all or part of their contributions,
  • any incident involving the beneficiary organizations during the enjoyment of their contributions.

The Organiser accepts no liability for the rejection of entries that do not comply in full with these Regulations.



These Regulations are governed by and subject to French law.

They are drafted in French and English. In the event of contradiction with any version in a foreign language, the French version of the Regulations will prevail.



By sending an entry, Participants accept these Regulations and may not complain about the results, which cannot be disputed since the decision of the judges is final and does not need to include grounds.

Entry in the competition implies unqualified acceptance of these Regulations.

In the event of dispute arising from the interpretation or implementation of these Regulations, the Participant and the Organiser will first seek an amicable settlement. The Participant may seek contractual mediation or other alternative method of settling disagreements.

Disputes shall be brought before a competent geographic jurisdiction in accordance with the French Code of Civil Procedure.



The winners hereby authorise the Organiser to use, disseminate and publish their names together with the contributions given to them. Winners may specifically refuse to allow publication of their names in their replies to the Organiser's e-mail informing them of their contribution.



To enable their entries in the Solidarity Operation to be considered and approved, Participants must provide personal data such as: title, surname, first name, e-mail, address, postcode, mobile telephone number? etc. This data must be processed to enable entries to be considered, to identify winners, to assign contributions and to follow the projects.

The data is intended for the Organiser as data controller and will be used for Solidarity Operation organization and administration. The data are intended to authorized personnel of the Organiser and to the members of the jury. The data may be processed by one of the Organiser's sub-contractors that meets personal data protection legal requirements in terms of confidentiality, security and location. Under no circumstances will the personal data collected be assigned to third parties for commercial use.

Unless otherwise specified in the law or regulations, the data collected will be held for (i) the time needed to follow a project, for the selected projects or (ii) 6 months from the date of designation of the winners, for projects not selected.

Participants may exercise their rights (access to, rectification, erasure of personal data, restriction or objection to processing, data portability) by writing to: solidarity@accor.com. Anyone exercising his/her right to erase his/her personal data or to object to their processing before the end of the Solidarity Operation will be assumed to have withdrawn his/her entry. Participants may also contact AccorHotels’ Data Protection Officer by writing to accorhotels.dpo@accor.com or lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.